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3 mistake of my life :,
loving you,
waiting for you,
and losing myself for you.

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Modern rule of love:,
if you try to protect self respect,
you will lose love,
if you try to protect love you will lose self respect.

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I may be ignoring you,
but inside i'm dying to talk to you.

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When i'm alone i think,
when i think i remember,
when i remember i feel pain,
when i feel pain i cry,
when i cry i dont stop.

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There was a time when i was mad for you and now,
there is a time i am sad for you.

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Starting a relationship is easy breaking up is easy,
but fighting for love is the hardest that everyone fails in.

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If you fall in love,
be ready for the tears too,
because tears is the last ,
gift of love.

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You left,
i cried,
you move on,
i died.

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My mouth says,
i'm ok,
my fingers text,
i'm fine,
my heart say,
i'm broken.

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Sometimes you want to talk to person very badly,
but you don't text or call them because they might get disturbed by you.

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Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you,
because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

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I killed my own happiness in such a young age,
by loving someone more than myself.

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I left you,
i can hate myself,
but not you.

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One day,
i completely forgot you,
and that day is,
my last day.

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One day you'll realized i'm the one who's always been there for you...!!

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You left me for the world,
when i left the world for you...!!

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