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Girl who reply in a minute,
they are not girls,
they are angels.

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I never told you,
but when i hear my favourite love song,
i always think of you.

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She like him he like her everyone know except them..

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There is never a time or place how to love it happened accidentally in a heartbeat,
in a single flashing throbbing moment..

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When i told you i love you i didn't expect you to answer. i just wanted you to know i just wanted to get it off my chest..

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Take my eyes but let me see you,
take my mind but let me think about you,
take my hand but let me touch you,
but don't try to tale my heart because its already with you...!!

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I don't want anything from life except you..!

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We met for the poem,
but god made them for a story...!!

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Dear future partner,
reject every proposal and just wait for me...

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No matter how angry or sad i'm.. i automatically smile when i see your pic..

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