Loyal Status In English transform your life and Motivating you and provide Love, Sad, Alone, Friend, Gf, Bf, Wife, Husband, Hindi Love Shayari For Lovers.

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Loyal Status In English

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Best thing about being single?,
no drama no fighting,
no crying no heartbreak,
no confusion no worries and no problem.

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I am the type of girl who doen's remove my profile picture,
when i'm sad and also doesn't block anyone even if they'd hurt me.

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Love you sweets when it's new. but it's sweeter when it's true

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I know i'm not the best but i'm going to fight my whole life trying to treat you better than anyone else because l just don't want to lose you..

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Don't worry i am always be there with you..

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Waiting is a sign of true love and patience anyone can say i love you but not everyone can wait and prove it's true..

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No matter how 'busy' a person day may be,
if they 'really care' they'll always find time for you...!!

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People come and go.. the best one's stay..

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A girl will never trust a guy so easily. but,
once she trusts.. he is the world to her...!!

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Cheating is a choice not a mistake,
loyalty is a responsibility not a choice...!!

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There is always one person in a relationship who loves more,
cares more,
cries more,
gets hurt more and even forgives more.

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