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If you find any difference me and other,
so you are my only soulmate..

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You are the greatest thing that ever come into my life and i won't let anyone take you away from me..

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I love you after all this time i still love you,
it was always been you,
it was you yesterday ,
it was you today,
it will be you tomorrow & for the rest of my life. it will be you ,
i love you

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I'm nothing without you but everything with you..

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Everyday with you is another happiest day in my life,
knowing you are a part of it tickles my insides,
don't go away or i'm going to die,
stay with me & share these moments of my life..

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All my life i have been waiting for you,
all my life i have dreams of you,
now it's all come true so happy that god finally give you to me..

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I feel great everyday when i'm with you..!

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A real boy never "give up on" his girl,
he fight for her...!!

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Love marriage may be happier,
but marrying your dream girl with your family support is beyond that happiness...

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Relationship don't need cute voice and lovely faces relationship need beautiful heart and unbreakable trust..

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