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Hurt status

I Am Afraid

i am afraid to be happy because whenever i get too happy something bad happens...!!

People Say Good

people say good heart will always be happy but i think good heart most of the time get hurt very badly because it expect only good things from other...!!

Everyone Shows

everyone shows more love and care in the beginning of any relationship but no one maintains it till the last...!!

Ajeeb Rang Ka Mausam

Ajeeb rang ka mausam chala hai kuch din se, Nazar pe bojh hai aur dil khafa hai kuch din se, Woh koi aur tha jise tu jaanta tha barso se, Main aur hoon jise tu mil raha hai kuch din se...!!

Ek Kahani Si Dil

Ek kahani si dil par likhi reh gai, Wo nazar jo mujhe dekhti reh gai, Log aakar bajaar me bik bhi gaye, Meri keemat lagi ki lagi reh gai...!!



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