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That moment when you wanna talk to someone but can't because of some reason and you keep checking their last seen again and again.

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You hurt me,
i cry,
i hurt you,
i cry.

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I cried a lot because of you,
i laughed a lot because of you,
i believed in love because of you,
and now i'm heartbroken because of you.

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I'm stressed,
i'm tired,
i'm hurt but i lied you i'm fine,
because i dont want you to know that how much it hurts.

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Loyal boys are the best,
but its sad that they get hurt the most.

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They asked :,
how deep hurt are you ?,
i still love him,
but never want to see him again in my life.

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Don't share your feeling with someone who doesn't care,
your feeling are nothing but just a drama for them.

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I am strong,
but it hurts when i make someone my first priority and they treat me like their last option.

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Never say busy to the one,
who need you,
it's hurt them alot.

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What hurts ?,
seeing that special person going down and down in your chat list.

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I am afraid to be happy because whenever i get too happy something bad happens...!!

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People say good heart will always be happy but i think good heart most of the time get hurt very badly because it expect only good things from other...!!

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Everyone shows more love and care in the beginning of any relationship but no one maintains it till the last...!!

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